2nd June 2023
First Muslim Who Came to India and When and India's First Muslim Invader
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First Muslim Who Came to India and When? and India’s First Muslim Invader:


First Muslim Who Came to India and When?

First Muslim who come to india
Muhammad Bin Qasim with his Soldier

First Muslim Trade relations have existed amongst Arabia and the Indian subcontinent since olden Ancient time. Indeed, even in the pre-Islamic period, Arab merchants used to visit the Konkan-Gujarat Coast and Malabar district, which connected them with the ports of Southeast Asia. Newly Islamised Arabs were Islam’s first contact with India. Professor of history Elliot and Dowson say in their book The History of India, as Told by Its Own Historians, that the First transport bearing Muslim explorers was seen on the Indian Coast as right on time as 630 CE. H.G. Rawlinson in his book Ancient and Medieval History of India.claims that the principal Arab Muslims settled on the Indian Coast in the last part of the 7th-century CE… It was with the appearance of Islam that the Arabs turned into an unmistakable social power in the world. Arab Middle Easterner Merchant and dealers turned into the transporters of the new religion and they engendered it wherever they went


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India’s First Mosque Build In Kerela:

Cheraman Juma Mosque:

india first mosque is Cheraman Juma Mosque

The First Indian mosque, Cheraman Juma Mosque, is thought to have been Build in 629 CE by Malik Deenar, albeit a few history specialists say the First mosque was built in Gujarat.

In Malabar, the Mappilas may be the First Community to change over to Islam. Intensive missionaries were Carried out to the Coastal area and numerous different locals Adapt Islam. These new changes over were currently added to the Mappila people group. Subsequently, among the Mappilas we find both the relatives of the Arabs through neighborhood ladies and proselytes from among the nearby individuals.


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India’s First Muslim Invader:

Muhammad- Bin Qasim

muhammad bin qasim is the First muslim who Invaded india subcontinent

The Rise of Islam in India started with the success of Sind, one of the areas of the present day Pakistan and furthermore one of the oldest Indus Valley civilizations, by the Arabs. Among the Muslims, the first to vanquish the regions of India were the Arabs. They, by spreading Islam, accomplished their political and religious solidarity in India. The triumph of Sind was fruitful after various endeavors. It was under the initiative of MuhammadBin Qasim, that Sind, at that point a part of India along the Indus River (now in Pakistan) has prevailed. MuhammadBin Qasim was a Umayyad general who vanquished the Sindh and Punjab districts at an extremely youthful age of 17. Indeed, even today, Sind intrusion is considered as one of the world’s notable wonders as it prompted the spread of Islam in South Asia and the Muslim people group in India. Today, Sind is given the epithet “Bab-e-Islam”, the significance of which is “The Gateway of Islam”.


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