Major Shaitan Singh

The Indian Martyr Who Led 120 Jawans in 1962; They Killed 1836 Chinese Soldiers

The Indian Martyr Who Led 120 Jawans in 1962; They Killed 1836 Chinese Soldiers

Indo sino war 1962

was late night of November 18, 1962. The area was Rezang La, a pass on the southeast of Chushul Valley, Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. A height of 16,404 feet! It was chillingly cool with the extreme landscape hung in snow Flakes. The gnawing cold breeze howling over the geography turned the climate conditions extremely Hostile . Unit 7, Unit 8, and Unit 9 of the 13 Kumaon battalion were posted here. The rough terrain segregated the units from the rest of the battalion. An total of 120 jawans with around 40 troopers in every unit, all driven by Major Shaitan Singh, Waited for day break. No big guns cover! In any case, valor and any desire for the Indian jawans controlled the roost.

With the steady overwhelming of darkness  by light, Major Shaitan Singh and his troop of 120 fighters saw several Chinese Troops progressing towards Units 7 and 8 through nullahs (conduit). It was 5 am. Promptly, a shower of shots from rifles and light automatic weapons welcomed  the Chinese troops. The last struck back similarly. Explosives and mortars went with the same pattern. Before long trash topped off the nullahs as dead Bodies of the Chinese fighters piled up. In the midst of the reverberation of the shots, survivors of the Chinese troops took position behind the dead bodies and rocks. They struck back emphatically.

At around 5.40 am, the Chinese troops began hitting back with extreme big guns and mortar fire. The brave Indian warriors proceeded with obstruction without fall flat. Losses from the two finishes did not stop the fight. The Chinese at that point attacked  Unit 9 through nullahs. Indian armed force situated at the third unit released fear in the midst of the propelling troops. More Chinese dead bodies heaped up in the nullahs inside minutes. The separation between the Indian Army and the Chinese troops at the third unit was a simple 90 meters!

Major Shaitan Singh moved from one unit to the next, empowering and spurring his troops to battle till their final gasp. In spite of the fact that he wasBadly injured, he didn’t stop. He kept on Shooting and kept on battling.

The Chinese, bombed in the frontal attack. Several their officers were dead. They changed their methodology, this time attacking from the back, beginning with Unit 8. Intense medium automatic weapon shoot took after from the Enemy. On account of the security Wire fencing in the post that contained the attack! Enemy  at that point turned to heavy big guns and mortar shelling bringing about setbacks of Indian jawans.

Meanwhile, another gathering of over a 100 Chinese warriors additionally attacked Unit 7 from the back. Indian jawans struck back with 3-inch mortar, Killing a large number of the enemy. 20 of the survivors charged forward. With renewed zest, twelve of the Indian jawans left their trough and surged towards the enemy, participating in a hand-to-hand battle.

As Singh’s condition disintegrated with serious injuries in his belly and arms, two of his comrades attempted to evacuate him. The enemy shelled substantial automatic weapon Fire on them. At Singh’s request, they set him behind a rock and hurried to join alternate jawans in the battle. Major Singh breathed his last, as yet holding his weapon, which lay pointed towards the Enemy!

New Chinese reinforcements arrived. Indian jawans battled dauntlessly till their final gasp.

Altogether, 114 Indian troopers were martyred at Rezang La pass. Their saga of boldness & Bravery is deified ever! Such a little troop of 120 battled against a large number of Enemy Chinese Troops, murdering 1836 of them. This occurrence is just a part of the SinoIndia War of 1962.

The 1924-Born Major Shaitan Singh from Jodhpur exhibited  exemplary leadership and courage During the entire course of the battle. He was honored  with the Param Vir Chakra, the most highest wartime gallantry medal, after death.

SinoIndia War of 1962 was the result of a discretionary disappointment of Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India, to land at an answer with China on ChinaIndia border issues. Nehru stayed silent. Besides, military posts were set up in disputed zones. The Army couldn’t be provided with legitimate arms and ammunition take off alone sustenance! Notwithstanding During the war, Nehru couldn’t take firm choices on time.

Rezang La is today known as Ahir Dham. A commemoration has been set up at this place, extolling the forfeit of the Indian jawans for our country. Going by Rezang La is journey for the nationalists. India salutes the bravery  and selflessness of Major Shaitan Singh and every one of the martyrs of the 1962 Sino-India War! Vande Mataram! Jai Hind!!