24th March 2023
Richest Temple In India, Temple with Wealth Beyond Your Imagination
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Richest Temple In India, Temple with Wealth Beyond Your Imagination:

Padmanabhaswamy Temple:

What amount of gold have you Seen In Your Entire Life?

Disregard that, what’s the most measure of gold you have seen on TV?

Or on the other hand the fortune room from the motion picture The Mummy

Or on the other hand perhaps you went to Tirupati and discuss the measure of gold there was on the Temple and suspected that it had the most gold there could be in any Temple.

All things considered, you presumably haven’t known about the Padmanabhaswamy Temple.

20 Intresting Facts About Padmanabhaswamy Temple:

1. What’s more, it is flawlessly justifiable in the event that you haven’t. It would seem that any general South Indian Temple

Padmanabhaswamy Temple Night View

But extremely lovely around evening time.


2. What’s more, similar to each Temple  in India, it is consistently Visited by dignitaries.

Modi in Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Since it is accepted to be an exceptionally Holy  Temple.


3. Be Below, underneath the surface, profound underground lie loads loaded with treasure.

Modi in Padmanabhaswamy Temple underground chambers

I know it sounds like a fable however it’s valid. There are underground Chambers where all the Wealth is kept avoided every one of the Invaders in our history.


4. A fortune that has been accumulated by the Travancore imperial family for truly a Thousand number of years:

Travancore imperial family

The most Oldest Treasure go back to 200 B.C. The fortune has been amassed for a Thousand number of years.


5. Such a fortune can’t lie without oversight, since it can be messed with, and thus the Supreme Court requested a stock

Supreme Court of India

So degenerate individuals don’t carry off the inestimable fortunes. Temple Mismanagement has happened all the time in India.


6. These fortunes are kept in 6 mystery vaults – and vaults is really a term. They are huge rooms named A to F.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple gold room chambers


7. Out of these vaults A and B have not been opened in light of the fact that they have a Curse laid on it. C to F have fortunes of unbelievable extents

Padmanabhaswamy Richest Temple in india

Imagine You are Walking in Room with Full Of Gold


8. A three and a half feet tall statue of Pure gold icon of Mahavishnu with several Pieces of jewels and gold studded on it.

Golden Vishnu in Padmanabhaswamy Temple

There was an “anki” (a customary clothing) made of Pure gold that measured 30 kilos.


9. A gold chain that was 18 feet long

Long Golden Chain in Padmanabhaswamy Temple

What’s more, you thought the chains South Indian ladies wore in weddings were abundance.


10. 1200 thick gold chains with a Lots of valuable stones Embeded in them.

gold chains in Padmanabhaswamy Temple

That is a Lots of gold chains


11. Likewise lying around are sacks loaded with valuable pearls, pieces of jewelry, and old antiques.

 Padmanabhaswamy Temple antiques

We, as outsiders don’t realize what these relics resemble, or how old and How Unique they are.


12. Gold coconut shells that are inserted with rubies and sapphires

Padmaswamy Gold Coconuts

Not Like this, shown one This photo. Just Imagine that full coconuts that are made of Pure gold and are studded with jewels and valuable pearls.


13. There are gold coins from the Napoleonic time and furthermore from the roman realm

Padmaswamy Golden Napoleone Coins

These coins are significant as they are from an alternate centuries. Some of them are from the time before Christ was Born.


14. In vault A, there is a swarm of gold coins that weighs around 800 kilos and each coin is worth 2.7 crores

Padmaswamy Temple Golden Coins

Vault A was requested to be opened by the Supreme Court with the goal that evaluators could stock the extremely valuable fortune.


15. There is a Throne completely made of gold and studded with several jewels and valuable diamonds.

Padmanabswamy Golden Throne

Get over the iron royal position as of now.


16. There are likewise Golden Chair, pots, containers and crowns

Padmanabswamy Golden Chair pots and crown

Everything was made up of Gold.


17. The aggregate estimation of this fortune, not considering Inflation and the artifact and the social estimation of them is around $18 billion

padmanabswamy temple gold total worth

This is a moderate gauge. The genuine gauge may be significantly more when the Cultural significance and the Historical Significance is measure as well.


18. The greatest chamber B has a snake on its passage that is considered by the Priest as a Warning:

padmanabswamy temple entrence gate

The Priests say that the snake is a notice and whoever breaks the seal and goes in will be reviled. Legends additionally say that there are Devas, Rishis, and furthermore a Yakshi who live inside these chambers.

A Yakshi is fundamentally a vampire.


19. In the event that the estimation of B chamber is assessed, the aggregate moderate gauge of the entire resources comes to about $1 TRILLION

padmanabswamy temple total gold value cost

That is the measure of cash our nation of a billion people makes in multi year. That is just only in vault B.


20. That is more gold than the abundance of Mughals, the Nizam of Hyderabad, the British royal gems all COMBINED.

british Crown with kohinoor Diamond

The fortune trove under Padmanabhaswamy Temple is the best gathering of gold and assets IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND