9th December 2023
Jahangir, 1st Mughal Emperor to Start Torturing Sikh Gurus to Death; Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev
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Jahangir, 1st Mughal Emperor to Start Torturing Sikh Gurus to Death; Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev:

guru Arjan Dev ji

All through his personal record Jahangir endeavored to be simply, generous, God dreading and supporter of good deeds like his Father, Akbar. He gave blessings and jagirs, gems and robes to every one of his officers and other court individuals and gladly bragged of his love to these individuals. He acknowledged to go to Darvesh, Khawajas, Moulvis and paid Respect with cash and valuable endowments.

Be that as it may, when it went to the People who did not take after Islam, he discovered interesting guises to loot and annihilate Temple and murder blameless evangelists. He couldn’t endure the blameless social affair of devotees of other Religion.

Here is a record of murdering of Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth Sikh Guru, by none other than Jahangir himself. Guru Arjan Dev was the first of the two Sikh Gurus to be martyred by a Mughal Emperor. It is exceptionally exact and in few words, yet those words talk a considerable measure about the mentality of Jahangir, who detested the convictions of this land profoundly.

Allows us inspect how he felt about Guru Arjan Dev Ji. In page no. 72 of Jahangirnama, deciphered by Mr. H. Beveridge in 1909:

Guru Arjan Dev

Presently let us see what doltish guises Jahangir found to arrange the Killing of Guruji:

Guru Arjan Dev ji

Guru Arjan Dev

Like every one of his predecessors, Jahangir was an Islamic fundamentalist who was exceptionally taken with transforming the entirety of Hindustan into an Islamic State.

Jahangir, with his own particular jealousies, charged ridiculous affirmations against both Sikhism and the Guru Arjan Singh had ordered the Adi Granth, the principal official Edition of the Sikh sacred writing, which later extended to the Guru Granth Sahib. The Mughal Emperor blamed the Sikh Granth for criticizing the Hindu and Muslim religions and delivered the claim that Jahangir’s child and opponent, the insubordinate Khusrau, was supported by Guru Arjan Dev Ji. Khusrau was viewed as an extremely fitting emperor of India by Akbar and numerous different nobles of the court, more so than the wine-and opium-Loving Jahangir.

Give us a chance to look at Jahangir’s own induction as a wine Addict. On page no. 308 of a similar book:

Jahangir Wine Lover

Guru Arjan Dev was captured under the requests of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir and conveyed to Lahore on May 1606. The Sikhs were ordered a substantial fine of 200,000 rupees for the arrival of their Guru Arjan. The Mughals additionally Demanded deleting a few lines of the Gurbani from the Adi Granth. Guru Arjan Dev declined to pay any fine. The Guru was then Asked to change over to Islam. He cannot. Guru Arjan Dev was ruthlessly tormented for five days till he accomplished martyrdom.

Day 1 of Torture

Guru Arjan Dev was not Given anything to eat or drink. He was not permitted to rest around evening time and was kept conscious. The Guru bore this smoothly and remained inundated in Simran. he articulated Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru and sang Shabads from the Gurbani.

Day 2 of Torture

Guru Arjan Dev burnt

On the second day, Guru Arjan Dev was made to sit in an extensive copper cauldron. The Mughals fill the vessel with water and lit a fire underneath it. The water started to get hot and after some time it began to bubble.

The bubbling water scalded  the Guru’s body, yet he sat serenely and unobtrusively. Rankles topped off his body. He neither cried in torment nor murmured. He felt no outrage against the individuals who were tormenting him. He stayed assimilated in the sweet recognition of Waheguru and rehashed, “All is occurring, O Waheguru, as per Thy Will. Thy Will is ever sweet to me.”

Day 3 of Torture

Guru Arjan Dev burnt


On the third day, Guru Arjan Dev was made to sit in bubbling water. Intensely hot sand consumed in press container were poured on his head and body. The water Burning the Guru’s Flesh from beneath while the Burning intensely hot sand Burning his head and body from above. The people occupied with tormenting him were wet with sweat. They felt extremely awkward in light of the warmth. It was the most blazing summer month. In any case, Guru Arjan Dev resisted the urge to panic and calm.

Once more, the Guru neither cried in torment nor moaned. There was no indication of outrage all over. He continued reasoning of Waheguru and doing Simran. Master Ji rehashed:


(O Waheguru! Your activities appear to be so sweet to me.)


(Nanak asks for the fortune of the Naam, the Name of the Lord.)

Day 4 of Torture

Guru Arjan Dev boiled in hot water

On the fourth day, the Guru was made to sit on a plate of iron that was warmed from beneath until the point that it ended up scorching. At that point, scalding  hot sand was poured over his body. Guru Arjan Dev sat quiet and very, without a cry or moan, feeling no agony. He sat with his mind settled on Waheguru, living the message of Gurbani as he acknowledged the Will of Waheguru sweetly.

Day 5 of Torture

Guru Arjan Dev bath in River

On the fifth day, Guru Arjan Singh Asked For a Bath in the Ravi River which streamed along the dividers of the city of Lahore. His captors delighted at the prospect that the Guru’s body, brimming with rankles, would experience more noteworthy agony when dunked in cool water thus he was allowed him to bath in the River.

The Soldier were sent to escort the Guru and his pupils saw him clearing out. He Looked at them, and still denied any activity. He stated, “Such is the Will of my God, submit to the Divine Will, move not, stand quiet against all hardships.”

Group viewed the Guru remaining in the River and having a Dip. Light Blended  with light and the body was mysteriously absent. His disciples cried, “Hail to the Guru! Thou art Wonderful – Martyr, the best. Thou Art the Greatest!”

Guru Arjan Dev Ji sowed the seed of affliction, which turned into the legacy of the Sikhs. From that point forward each and every Sikh tried to battle against barbarities of Islamic Invaders till the final gasp to spare this heavenly land and its qualities and culture.

It is just an endeavor to convey the genuine history to the information of basic national. The adversaries of the Great Nation’s way of life and civilisation have created half cooked history for the sake of secularism and resilience. Tragically history has been wound to suit the belief system of few, who changed everything to fit their short terms and long terms objectives of keeping the strings of intensity in their grasp. This demonstration of injustice with History has caused the loss of self-pride and enthusiastic qualities in the present youth. They are cut off from their underlying foundations. May truth prevail!re holding up to be uncovered to reveal to us who our precursors were and the vestige of our reality!